Message from the President
Azur Productions, Inc. has been engaged in foreign language dubbing and subtitling of TV programs and movies for many years. Regardless of genre, we have produced and delivered high-quality localization of many programs in English as well as in many other languages of the world. We have retained a structure that meets clients' needs while always keeping up with today's trends. For instance, with dubbing, we take advantage of our large pool of voice actors to provide unmatched top quality work from our studio in Vancouver, Canada, from short films to feature Hollywood movies. Many of our translators and staff have been brought up in a multi-cultural environment, therefore giving them the expertise to create scripts with dialogue that includes the subtle nuances common only to the audiences of the target language. We pride ourselves for the respect we have earned from clients for our quality, thanks in part to our quality check formula conducted at every stage of the translation, recording, and subtitle work. It is our hopes that through Azur, more people will learn about Japan and the beauties of Japan, as well as encourage people to vist the country and enjoy the unique culture it has to offer. Azur Productions, Inc. will continue to contribute to the growth and internationalization of the Japanese economy.
Paul Baldwin, President
Azur Productions, Inc.